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  • What does a set include?
    Each set includes 2 UNNA Wood bats, 2 UNNA Wood rubber balls and 2 UNNA Wood grips.
  • How do I know which UNNA Wood bat model suits me best?
    Each player is unique and so is each UNNA Wood bat. Our 3 models are different among themselves and are suited for different types of playing styles. To find out which UNNA Wood bat model is best for you, we recommend you visit this part of our website:
  • Are UNNA Wood bats always exactly the same as in the pictures?
    Each bat is individually crafted by experienced artisans from the North of Portugal. Because they are shaped from carefully selected pieces of wood, every bat is naturally unique in color and texture.
  • Since they are made out of wood, are UNNA Wood bats really resistant to seawater, sun and sand?"
    UNNA Wood bats are carefully coated with two layers of a special developed Hard Acrylic Varnish, which protects them as much as possible from the beach environment. Moreover, a special homemade resin applied to our UNNA Joints was developed to guarantee a seamless union between the different pieces of wood, making them inseparable.
  • What warranty do I have when buying a UNNA Wood bat?
    As quality is a crucial concept across our products, we rigorously selected the best formulas to protect our bats. A robust homemade resin and a high-end varnish are applied to craft what we truly believe is the most durable and resistant bat in the market. Therefore, for the first 3 years, if a bat is acidentally broken when playing, UNNA Wood will cover its cost, by fully replacing the damaged bat.
  • What special care should I take to maintain my UNNA Wood bats?
    After playing, it is recommended to wipe with a damp cloth or rinse with fresh water to remove both the salt and grains of sand off the bat.
  • Where can I purchase UNNA Wood bats?
    Currently, it is possible to buy them online (
  • What should I do if I want to apply another varnish layer to my UNNA Wood bat?
    In case you want apply one more layer of Hard Acrylic Varnish to your UNNA Wood bat, please contact us via
  • Can I purchase only UNNA Wood balls or UNNA Wood grips?
    Currently, UNNA Wood only provides the sets, including two UNNA Wood bats, two UNNA Wood balls and two UNNA Wood grips. For more information please contact us via
  • What justifies the shipping cost?
    As UNNA Wood bats are made out of pure genuine wood and have a considerable size, they are considered heavy and unusual in terms of express shipments. These diferences from the standard formats justify the shipping cost.
  • What should I do if I receive a different set than ordered?
    If, by mistake, you receive a different set than ordered, please contact us via
  • Who do I contact if I have any further questions?
    We will be available to answer any questions you might have
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