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UNNA Wood was created by two best friends.

Friendship is what got us started. Friendship is what keeps us going.

We are creating products to unite people, to make them interact and create lasting memories. Strengthening bonds has, from the beginning, been the driving force behind our products that you see today.

Our name, UNNA Wood, represents three different yet synergetic concepts.

The first one is that every bat is unique. Each one is carefully handcrafted, here, in Portugal, from carefully selected pieces of wood. Since every piece has its own colour and texture, every bat is different.

The second one is that we create bats by uniting pieces of wood together. Because we developed a robust handmade resin and a high-end varnish to fully protect our bats, this bond, once created, can never be  broken. It is stronger than the wood itself, which bring us to our third and last concept.

Like the bonds in wood in each bat, we believe that our UNNA Wood bats will unite people. It is the perfect analogy and we did not even look for it. It just made sense at our time and it still does.

Pure friendships are just like the bond in the wood: strong and everlasting.

We truly believe that our UNNA Wood bats will contribute to the growth and strengthening of present and future friendships.

This is us. This is UNNA Wood.

With UNNA Wood,

Stick Together.

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