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It is said in the North of Portugal that wood is always alive, so it always reacts to external factors.

Several types of wood were tested in terms resistance to water, heat, cold and shock.

Because of their contrasting colours, memorable texture and ideal weight, from amongst all types, we chose Cherry, Mahogany and Ash.

Each piece of wood is entirely unique, so is each bat.

In pairs, both bats come containing the same woods. We believe that this is the right thing to do because, like friends, wood should Stick Together.


To permanently unite the UNNA Joints on the pieces of wood, we developed a special homemade resin.

To guarantee the exceptional durability of these wood bats, after applied between the joints, the resin is heated together with the wood up to 98ºC and pressed for 20 minutes.

The resin creates an inseparable bond between the woods, only comparable to the strongest of friendships: nothing can tear it apart. They always Stick Together.


Hard Acrylic Varnish - HAV.

Several tests were performed on different varnishes. Only HAV maintained the pure colour and detail of the wood without getting marked with every touch. HAV involves the wood and varnish giving them an outstanding safety from outer perils.

Ultimate protection is its motto and HAV delivers accordingly. Not too thick nor too thin. Twice it is applied and twice is just right.

Even when things are getting tough outside, due to HAV the woods inside Stick Together.



Design is an essential part of UNNA Wood's DNA.

On the one hand, we focus on the visual design, where detail plays a crucial role. The different pieces of wood should be harmoniously united, to carefully transmit one of the core values of the brand: sophistication in simplicity.

On the other hand, we focus on product design. To deliver the best product to our clients, we constantly collect and analyse consumer insights. Both shape and materials, together with the precise craft techniques, are developed to ensure the perfect ergonomics and desired durability to our wood bats.


The UNNA Joints are the signature zigzag pattern you see structurally uniting different woods together.

In fact, this technique is usually applied by carpenters, to ensure the adequate stability and durability in wood furnitures.

Together with our artisans, we found that these joints would be perfectly applicable to this product, to provide the strongest, most robust and most resistant wood bat.



Do you know what makes UNNA Wood so special? All of it. The wood starts out as a slab, is cut and sanded, shaped and united. Pieces of wood with UNNA Joints are joined together by resin pressed during 20 minutes at 98ºC in a special machine. They will never fall apart, not a chance. The wood is shaped and sanded, passing from a piece of wood to bat. Our logo is then added and the HAV is applied, passing from a bat to UNNA Wood. 

Why did we do it? To unite people, like UNNA Wood has united us even more. This is our strength and what makes it so special. This is Our Secret.

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